About Us

WebWorks Now started with a simple thought,  there are lots of small businesses and organizations out there that don't have web sites.  And in this day and age they can't afford not to.  We have talked to many small business owners and the primary reasons they give for not having a website is not knowing where to begin, not knowing who to go to, and not having the time to pursue it.  We all know that time is money but the benefits of the internet are just too great to ignore.  And creating a website and a marketing program can be a fast and pretty fun experience, with the right kind of help.

Our services are relatively inexpensive, will grow with you, and are easy to understand.  For as little as $695 we will work with you to create an effective, custom website.  Additional services can be added for additional fees.  If you want to pursue internet marketing, we can do that too.  We can develop a plan and lead you through it. There are no hidden fees. Our integrity and your happiness are our top priorities.


Our History

WebWorks Now began as a vision in August of 2007 and was incorporated in 2009. We took time to acquire the right skills and people to make sure that all of our websites are built to the highest standards and will stand the test of your many visitors.

Our Management Team:

Charlene Barnes (CEO): Charlene graduated from the University of California, San Diego majoring in Management Science, a cross between economics and applied mathematics. She has specialized in bringing technology to business throughout her career. Formerly the Chief Information Officer of two brokerage firms, she is now focusing on bringing technology and the same effective marketing techniques to the small business owner. Check her out on LinkedIn

Sandy Montalbano (Marketing Director): Sandy currently serves as Marketing and Creative Consultant for a trade publication she founded and operated for 20 years. She received her BFA from William Paterson University, with a major concentration in Visual Communication and Business. Sandy joined WWN in 2009 and brings vast experience in branding, conceptual design and delivery management to every project. With an emphasis on creative problem solving, Sandy is highly dedicated to a results oriented marketing approach.



Future Plans

WebWorks Now is just getting started. We have the lofty goal of being the name you go to for small business or not-for-profit websites and internet marketing. Sign up with us now and get reduced rates as well as unparalleled attention. 

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