Promoting your business using social media

by Charlene on March 2, 2011

the culpritI’m sitting here in the Toyota service department waiting room.  I don’t want to be here but my dog ate my seat belt – really.  I didn’t think you could eat through seat belts but I was wrong.

So what better time to talk about Internet marketing?  Truth is, many organizations today are tapping into this new marketing channel.  One big piece of advice handed out to CIO’s and CMO’s this year is to hire social media experts.  The thing about social media, as a small business, is just to “do it.”  My partner taught me this.  She took Sica Wealth Management and with the extraordinary contribution of Jeff Sica, turned the firm and Jeff into a marketing phenom. 

Here is what she did in a nutshell:

1.  Collect and build a list of email addresses of clients and potential clients.  Put a form on your website using email services like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Vertical Response, AWeber, to name a few.  Offer something special in return for their email address.  Put the form on your Facebook fan page too, apps are available to help you do this.  You can also add email addresses to your list manually.

2. Send promos and/or intriguing or educational content to your email list frequently.  I think daily is too much but that may be just me.  Shoot for at least weekly.

3.  Set up a Facebook Fan Page.  This was not intuitive for me at first.   A business fan page is created from a personal profile and you have to have a profile in order to create the page.  To get started once you’ve created your own profile and/or while logged in, go to   What you post as a business will only post to your business wall and to your business fans.  You can add additional admins so you’re not the only one.  Check out our fan page at!/pages/WebWorks-Now-Inc/117486874940578?sk=app_203579956319170  Yes, we don’t have too many fans.  So “like” us and become a fan!

4.   Set up a Twitter account.  Even if you don’t have time for Facebook, Twitter’s easy and fast.  You’re only allowed 140 characters a post so you won’t be compelled to write a book.  And it’s very straight forward, just set up an account for your business at

5.  Create a blog.  Blogs allow you to write promotional content and archive it for easy retrieval.  It can be entertaining, educational, promotional or just plain mind-dumping expression.  The point is that it can connect you to your customers.  Let your clients and prospects know about your recent writings through an email blast, a Facebook post, a Twitter post and for optimal search engine results, display the latest post on the home page of your website.  Your web developer can do this for you.

You can manually write to all your social media outlets or you can automate the process.  I’ll explain how in a later post. 

7. Be sure to make it easy to “sign up”, share or subscribe to your email, blog, Facebook or Twitter list. 

That’s it.  Plenty to get you started on your foray into social media.  The goal is to communicate and establish a connection with your clients and prospects.  A little effort and you will be who they call and refer their friends to when the subject of your product comes up.  Just “Do It”!


Adding Video to your WordPress Blog

by Charlene on February 28, 2011

After images, videos can be a tricky subject for new WordPress users.  I think the easiest way to handle videos in your posts is to use YouTube and their embedded code.  To add a video, first upload your video to YouTube. Then…

1. If you bring up your video on YouTube, there is a button labeled “embed” just underneath the video. Click on the button.

Divine dZigns YouTube video

2. Clicking the embed button will open up a box with html code and a number of options the most important of which is the size of your video.  In the light blue box, enter the width of your post area in WordPress.  Usually it’s about 500 px.  If you don’t know, you can always come back and do it again, so don’t worry about guessing.

selecting a custom size from YouTube

3.  When you enter a special size, it automatically changes the html code in the box above.  If you’re leaving it at the default 560px, no changes are made.  Highlight all of the code and right click -> copy.

pulling the embed code from YouTube

4.  In WordPress, on the “Add New Post” page, make sure the post body block is set to “HTML” and paste your code into the post area.  Be careful to not toggle back to “Visual” until you have saved your changes.  For some strange reason, the code will disappear.  Also, the video may end up at the top of your post.  If you feel comfortable with the HTML, just move it around to the appropriate location and save it.  If you don’t feel comfortable, you can cut and paste in Visual mode after you’ve initially saved it.

adding YouTube html code to WordPress  

Hope this helps!

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