Adding Images to your WordPress Blog

by Charlene on September 14, 2010

When I build a blog for someone there always comes the time when they actually have to start using it. And it’s not always completely intuitive. Here’s a quick answer to one of the first questions…

How do I add images to my posts?

I’m going to assume you’re on the Add New Post or Edit Post page. When you get to the place in your post where you’d like to place an image, click on the first icon following Upload/Insert, hovering over it should say “Add an Image”.

Add Image Icon on the Post Page

You get this window…

The From Computer Tab

To upload from your desktop or laptop computer click on the From Computer tab:

Click the Select Files button.
Select the image you want to upload, then click open.
A window pops up that lists the details of the image.

  1. Add alt text (with your keywords),
  2. caption (but only if you want one), description (this is just for you),
  3. the link URL (where do you want the post visitor to go if they click on the picture?)
    • none… for going nowhere when the image is clicked on
    • File URL if you want a click to open the picture itself in a window.
    • Post URL if you want the click to open the post that the image appears in.
    • Or type any URL if you want it to link to another post, blog or website.
  4. Alignment _ where the picture should sit if you have text around it. This may or may not be as straight forward as it sounds. Play with it to get the effect you want.
  5. Size… choose your size. Full (measured in pixels) will take up the width of your blog, especially if you have sidebars (and who doesn’t.) If you want to have different sizes than those given, go to Settings in the WordPress left menu and click on Miscellaneous. Adjust the Thumbnails to the desired height and width.

Click on “Insert into Post”

Hope this helps! Leave me a comment if you need more!

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