How We Work

WebWorks Now offers everything a small business needs to be effective on the internet. From simple to complex, from websites to internet marketing, from email campaigns to video tours, we can help you define what is important for your business and develop a site that drives in business. Here's how the process works.



first we meet with you

1. We Meet

We call or meet with you to find out about you and your business.   We discuss your internet ideas, who your customers are and what you want from your website.  Don’t worry if you’re not sure, we’ll help you uncover the answers. 

we create a prototype image

2. We Develop a Sample Site

From our discussions, we ’ll create a suggested site complete with design elements and sample language for an effective and compelling presentation.

Calendar image

3. We Meet Again

We ’ll meet again to review and discuss the sample, arriving at an agreed upon look, feel, navigation and decide on target delivery dates.

We build your site image

4. We Build your Site

We create your site building in keywords and compelling content to attract and maintain visitors.  

Your site name image

5. We Register a Domain Name

While we ’re developing the site, we’ll work with you on a domain name and get registration in place.  All the technical aspects of registering and maintaining the site are taken care of by us.  The first year of hosting is free.  After that there is an annual fee based upon the cost of your site.

we set up a test site image

6. We Set Up a Test Site

Once the site is developed you get to see it and play with it until you (and we) are happy that it meets your needs and works perfectly!

we go live image

7. We Launch!

Your site is live and working for you.

we continue to provide support image

8. We Continue to Provide the Best Possible Support

We continue to give you support for as long as you maintain your site with us. We’re here to help you, answer your questions and take you to the next level on the internet.